He is an anti-beast member.

Profile Edit

He is an anti-beast. He hates them so much and will not care if his teamates get hurt. He has a compashionate side to him and he will help out those weaker than he is. He only bothers killing anti-beast and thinks other things like theives are not worth his time. He hates being left out and loves to fight. He has a son that he doesn't tell anyone about. He hopes his son never goes and tries to do what he does. He deems Sonic as the only non-anti-beast worth killing because he hates his powers. That's right, he can hate people for the wrong reasons. His age is 25.

Appearance Edit

Summer/Spring Outfit: a red uniform and black boots and pants.

Winter/ Fall outfit: A red jacket with black boots. The boots have spikes on the bottum of them. He also has green jeans.

He is a black labador. Half of his tail is white.

Powers Edit

Fire powers: He can shoot fire out of his fists and tail. He can also coat his fur in flames, but this hurts him... and yet feels good to him.

Earth Powers: He can move the earth beneath him.

Magma and Lava control: A result of his other two main abilities.

Unlimited endurance: he never gets tired.

Supreme swimming powers: He can swim faster than all anti-beast members.

Sacrifice: he can sacrifice himself to heal an individual completely. He never wishes to use this, but he knows he can use it.

This page is made by Sonic the fox

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