Coltaria is a world full of Warrior and people, this world has five different Regions inside of it.

Regions Edit

Tree Region: Edit

The Tree region is nothing but a very large forest, from above it looks like a Large Tree, The people here live in Tree houses or houses on the Ground. This region holds Warriors the mostly control Earth, this land has many powerful warrior inside of it and many deadly enemies as well, most of the people that live in this Region wear Green or brown..

Snow Region: Edit

This region never stops snowing, the People and warriors that reside here live in Igloos or small houses, this region Holds Warriors that can control Ice and Snow powers, the people and Warriors here mostly wear White and Light Blue clothing.

Rain Region: Edit

This Region Never Stops Raining, The people and warriors here live in houses and shacks, this region hold Warriors that can control Water, These peopl here wear Grey and dark blue, and they aren't that friendly to outside people..

Sky Region: Edit

This Region is high in the mountains, it's so high that you can touch the clouds. The People and warriors here live in houses on the mountains, the Warriors and people here can levitate and they can use the Air element, These People wear White and Sky blue.

Desert Region: Edit

This Region is Hot and weakening, The people here live underground where it's cooler. These People here can control the Elements, Fire and Earth, making them the only Region to be able to control 2 elements, the people here wear Light brown and Dull white clothing.

Secret Regions..Edit

Star Region:Edit

This Region has Been recently discovered By Naomi, The People here are quite odd, This Region is About all other Regions, literally. These people are majorly powerful as well, They can control Water, Earth, Sand, Wood and etc. They also have The Eyes of Hasoni abilities.. the People her wear White Clothing with Golden Stars on the outfits.

Rules in Coltaria Edit

  1. It's kill or be killed
  2. Don't trust everyone you meet
  3. If you die your body will just stay there.
  4. Heroes Don't exist... don't try to be one..