Tracie and Nathan saw how everyone else was happy when they had children, so they decided that they should try to have one too, When Tracie turned 20, she gave birth to her daughter, Christine.


Fighter, Strategist, Beautiful, Fast, Strong, Smart, Caring, Honest.


Christine is a White furred fox looks just like her mother, she favors her Grandmother a lot too, she has Ocean Blue eyes, She has White fur, Since she can't see very well, she wears a Pair of Black Glasses, She is 15 years old

Summer & Spring appearance: She wears a White Shirt with a Silver Open Button up Jacket over it, she wears a Silver skirt with Grey Fishnet Underwear, She wears Silver boots as Well.

Winter & Fall appearance: She wears a Longsleeved Silver shirt, She wears Black Thermal pants with Silver Snow boots.


She is a Very calm girl, She likes fighting in Competetions, and she likes helping out people, She likes to Spend time with her mother and aske her about what her Grandmother was like, she also like to spend time with her Father and help him around the house.


None yet, she's Bisexual

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Pressure Palm Strike- She can stike the opponent in their Pressure points.

Wind Palm Stike: He uses her Fists to send huge waves of air towards the enemy, to send them flying.

Teleportation Wind Palm Strike- She can teleport and stike the enemy with her Wind palm attack.

Beast Transformation 2- Since she has some Beast energy inside of her, she can use this to her will, her Beast aura is Blue and she doesn't go out of control.

Lightning Blade- She can run up to the enemy and strike them with her Hands or impale them, her hand has Lightning all around it.

Cloning lightning Blade- She can make clones Perform the some technique on the enemy.

Clonin- She can make Various amounts of Clones, up to 2000 clones to be exact.


"I'm not that much of a Pacifist like my mother and Father.. i will kill you!"

"People often mistake me for my Grandmother.. even though she's Dead.."

"Are you serious..?"

"Sure, i'll fight you."


She is best Friends with Matomi Rayuga.

She hangs around Natomi, Matomi, and Akani's Daughter, Amaura.

She is Bisexual