Akeito is the Coltarian Counterpart of my PP Oc Keith. in the First Generation, he is in his 40's, in the Second Generation he is in his 60's


Clever, Sneaky, Cocky, Stuck up, Arrogant, Decietful. (Formerly)

Calm, Nice, Smart, Responsible, Charitable.


Akeito is a Fox with Orange and White Fur, and Yellow eyes. The bottom of his Muzzle, his Chest, and the Tip of his tail is white, the tips of his ears or Black and so are his Feet and hands. He looks like a 20 year old man thanks to a Spell, he is in his 40's in the first Gen, and in his 60's in the second gen, and he is in his 80s in the third gen. His height is 6 foot 2

Summer and Spring- He wears a Grey Fish-net shirt with a Zip up orang and Black jacket over it, he wears Black pants with Black sandals.

Winter and Fall- He wears a Orange Jacket with Black Cargo pants and Orange snow boots.


He is Stuck up And Arrogant, Akeito is also a Snobbish person, but, that kinda changed when his son was born, he still acts the same even today. He is also kind of a bad guy. But he changed afteer his Great Grandchild was born, she reminded him a lot of his Son.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Phantom phase- He can phase through Objects.

Power Train Fist- His Fist emit an Orange color and he hits the enemy, knocking them away.

10 Kick combo- He performs a Variety of kicks on the enemy, hittig themin vital spots.

Sphere of pain- He creates a Orange orb and he hits the enemy with it, resulting in a massive explosion.

Clone 10k combo- He creates 10,000 clones and they all attack the enemy with a Variety of attacks.

Mist breath- He makes the battle field foggy, giving him and advantage to strike from behind.


His son and Daughter in law die, leaving him to raise his two Grandsons Nathan and Teruno.

He is/was a Father

He is a Grandfather.

He likes fighting.

He has a British accent

He is a Theif.

He changed his ways after his Great Grandchild was born.